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Werdist is the network for writers.

For now, all we have is a list of literary journals and a blog outlining how to find journals you can pitch. If people use it, I'll keep it open. If not, no worries.

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From the Werdist Blog

What do you need to sell your writing?

Werdist is working on a new tool for writers. It’s a program that allows you to find useful information on Amazon’s Charts. Ideally what we’ll be able to do is allow you to search a genre – say mystery, like with our front page. You’ll find a list of literary magazines who publish writing in […]

Now is the time to submit

I founded Werdist as a writer, for writers, because right now, we all have a huge opportunity to find new readers – the self-published undiscovered writers, and the career bestsellers who are working on their magnum opus. Whether you’re a fiction writer, or a nonfiction writer, a poet, or an expert who hates writing, people […]

What else can Werdist do for you?

We’re a brand new tool. I have a few things I think I can build into Werdist in the long-run, but I want to know what you need right now. Are you submitting? Are you researching? Do you have anything else you need. Let me know in the comments so I can get to work […]

Werdist is open for comments

The site is a bit rough around the edges, however, the point of Werdist is community. That being said, if you land on a publication and you have some kind of useful information about it, please share it in the comments. We’re moderating these so you won’t be able to rattle off about how shitty […]